Study of Anime panels are listed in cycles, each one representing a collection of similarly themed material. 

Kaidan for Otaku:  explaining the intricate world of Japanese sacred culture through anime, games, manga, books, and stories.
-Spirits, Wheels, and Borrowed Gods: Anime and Japan's Sacred Culture
-The Way of the Kami- a further exploration of Shinto concepts and practices
-Dead Like Us: Shinigami, Afterlife Lore, and Japanese Media
-Mononoke Masters: Yokai in Art and Media
-Yokai Nation: Japanese History and Monster Culture
-Kamikakushi: Taken by the Gods

Kowai subcycle:  exploring the worlds of Yokai and scary Japan, one index at a time
-Kowai: An Index of Japanese Monsters
-Kowai II: Electric Karasu-tengu-  the humorous and the crazy monsters of Japan
-Yokai Girls Gone Wild-  the women of folklore and monster tales
-Kowai Special Edition: Yokai Assault- monsters of Japan, military themed

History and Culture of Japan: 
-Real Ninjas
-Beyond Castles, Forests and Bath Houses: Politics and Philosophy in the Films of Studio Ghibli
-An International Game of Telephone: Japanese Cross Culture Trade
-Samurai Stories: Heian Japan and the Rise of the Warrior Class
-Shuten Doji vs State Shinto: Kill la Kill and the Transformation of Japan
-Little Boys and Lizards are BAD THINGS: Japan's Fear of Technology

Video Games as Literature:
-Joseph Campbell Sends Out Mew: Pokemon as Mythic Narrative
-Chocobos Ate My Baby: Narrative Development in Final Fantasy
-Butterflies & Hurricanes: The Lore and Philosophy of Shin Megami Tensei and Persona

Fandom Culture Roundtables
-We Con, Therefore We Are: A Critical Look at the Modern Congoer
-A Gathering of Geeks: Fandom and Convergence Theory
-Otaku Discussions: A Candid Conversation on Fans, Fandom, and Participatory Culture

Other panels:
-Sacred Symbols/Giant Robots: Symbolism and Symbolic Action in Mecha Series
-Lives of Famous Men: Pirates, Ninjas, and Samurai
-Big Bads: A Look at the Mythical Adversary
-Cupcakes, Rainbows and Grand Guignol: A Grimdark Theory of My Little Pony
-Eat Brains and Live: Zombies and Identity
-Panel Panel, A Panel on Panels