22 November 2009

AUSA Preliminary Roundup

Just a quick update, but my work at AUSA is done, not only for the convention, but for my con year, and my research. I need to do a formal count, but just off the top of my head, I now have around 573 replies to my questionnaire, 154 of which came directly from AUSA, my table, my panels and the folks I had canvassing for me. I know my new job is to sift through these replies, which I also know will take forever, but at least for the next few days I can sit back and relax and appreciate a job well done.

In addition to the replies to my questionnaires, I also have received a few "exclusive interviews" with voice actors Leah Clark, Michael Tremain Sinterniklaas, J. Michael Tatum, and professional cosplayer Yaya Han. (The "" means that I did the interviews myself, recorded them and everything, but they are part of a video documentary I am working on with JPL Films, so they are not completely exclusive to studyofanime.com.) I plan to get these transcribed ASAP and have them posted on here within a few weeks. Keep checking back for more info on this side of things. But until then, I will be continuing my discussion on choosing the right con on Tuesday.

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  1. i whent to you panels and i would like to say that thay were the best there and no other had more interaction with the people there and i fill like going to the panels made the AUSA experience that much more rememberablen ( its me the edward elric the one with the free hugs story) sorry im a bad speller