21 January 2010

This just in...

Study of Anime (and by extension, me), will be presenting at Katsucon 2010. I have three panels scheduled for Saturday, February 13th. So if anyone is going to be at Katsucon, feel free to drop by.

This will be my second Katsucon. I had no idea it even existed before last year, and was pleasantly surprised by its size and organization. This year it is at the Gaylord resort in National Harbor, MD. I will be there through the weekend, working the Anime Pavilion booth and shooting video for the documentary "Con Men."


  1. are u going to have the same pannels as AUSA

  2. Gone Connin, Mythology and a new one on Religion in Neon Genesis Evangelion. They conflicted two of them, need to have the religion one rescheduled. I will be having the same contests for con stories though, and debuting some of my findings.