06 July 2010

Connecticon Panel Schedule

Ok kids, it's con time again. I'm now almost officially halfway done with the summer season, two down, three to go. While all roads seem to be leading to Otakon at the end of the month, there's still the matter of Connecticon this coming weekend. I've got four panels there, so if anyone is in the area, head on down.

This will be my second Connecticon, I found out about it last year at Anime Boston, and hit it up because of it's close location, and the fact I would be interviewing Matt Myers of the L33tstr33t Boys there. I went for only two days, but had such a blast, I knew I had to come back this year.

As per usual- just look for The Doctor.

Modern Mythology
11:30am Friday

Dead Like Us
Friday 7:30pm

Weekend Nihonjin
Saturday 7:00pm

Worlds of Miyazaki
Sunday 1:00pm

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