26 July 2010

Updates and Otakon Panel Schedule

I knew at the beginning of summer that it would come down to this: I am backlogged horribly. Trying to balance writing for two websites and a blog while preparing data for a thesis and editing panels gets horribly stacked. I try my best to keep up, but ultimately fail. Que sera sera...

First, some updates. I've finished editing "Dead Like Us" for Otakon. After going over the last three times I've given the panel, and after acquiring a few more books on Japanese myth and folklore, I've decided it was time for a change. I trimmed down the religion section to make it more streamlined and less "lecture-like." I added some new information I read about insects and Japanese death ideas. I found a few interesting ghost stories which I threw in. And I finally added a solid introduction section. All this in hopes of making a better impression at Otakon. Will it pay off? I would like to hope.

Second: Next week I begin writing my thesis. I've gathered about as much information as I can hope to gather at this point, and cut out a lot of chaff from the surveys. I have all these ideas swimming around, and lines of text littering my floor and walls.I've even written about a dozen pages of summary of my population, field locations and whatnot. Now I need to start making assertions. I've got two solid months of writing in front of me before the Autumn con season kicks my ass. And when Con Year: Round 2 winds down, I will have my MA and can begin wondering what to do next.

Third: I have new panels. Two to be precise. And both are sort of offshoots from current ideas. Modern Mythology gets a grandchild next year, as I spun off from Dead Like Us a religion panel. And Weekend Nihonjin got split into two separate panels, so it can finally be what I always envisioned it to be. Those should be making the rounds starting at Anime Boston.

So there are the updates. Now, for those attending Otakon this year, I will be presenting three times over the course of the weekend.

-Dead Like Us will be presented Friday from 5-6 PM in Panel 4
-Modern Mythology will be presented Friday from 9:30-10:30 PM, also in Panel 4
-Worlds of Miyazaki will be presented Sunday 12:30-1:30 PM in Panel 5

I've added a few new tricks to each of the panels, as I always do, including VIDEO to illustrate some of the scenes I always pantomime. So as usual, feel free to drop by and say hello.

I will also be part of the Otakon 2010 Doctor Who Photoshoot Saturday at 1 and again at 5. However, this year I will not be playing 9, but rather debuting my Jon Pertwee Third Doctor for the shoot. I will be cosplaying as 9 on Friday and possibly Sunday. Look for me wandering the halls with 4, 5, 6, and 8 those days.

That's about it for now. See you all at Otakon!

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  1. Hi!
    I attended your panel about modern mythology in video games and anime and totally loved it!
    I wanted to go to your Miyazaki Panel too, but sadly I had to leave Otakon before your panel. ):
    Good job!