04 October 2010

new york comic con/anime fest schedule

And the time is again upon me. After a good month of writing and reading, the fall con season begins for me this weekend. My first stop is the Jacob Javits Center for New York Comic Con and Anime Fest. This will be my first NYCC, my third NYAF, and my first time as a panelist there.

First off, the schedule:

Dead Like Us: Friday 2:15-3:15, Room 1E12 (Panel 2): Debut of the new Dead Like Us panel, updated, expanded and heavily revised from the summer. I want to thank everyone who contributed to the post-panel discussions, giving me more shinigami to look at, more series to absorb, and make the panel much more streamlined.

Castles Forests and Bath Houses: Sunday 11AM-Noon, Room 1E13 (Panel 3): No major revisions here, still the same Miyazaki. Though I'm changing my introductions a bit after some post-Otakon feedback.

I will be there the entire weekend, mixing my time between Anime Fest and Comic Con. I'm hoping to score a few interviews while I'm there (I have press clearance), and do a lot of documentation of both events. Be sure to watch my Twitter feed, as I will be updating it regularly.

As usual, just look for the 9th Doctor.

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