03 April 2012

anime boston 2012 schedule

Backlog sucks. Especially when you have two cons in a row and still need to craft panels for each one. But hey, a challenge is a challenge, right?

Last weekend I was up in MA for Conbust at Smith College, an intimate local affair full of scholarship and discussion. But looming over it was the presence of Anime Boston, consistently one of my favorite experiences of the year. Two weeks ago, my schedule came in, and I somehow forgot to post it. So here it is:

11:30 AM, Panel Constitution: Chocobos Ate My Baby- The Evolution of Final Fantasy

5:30 PM, Panel Constitution: The Honor of a Greater Power- Rebellion, Politics and Terrorism in Mobile Suit Gundam (w/Doug Walker and Tomoaki Ishigaki)

5:30 PM, Panel 202: Yokai Nation- Japanese History and Monster Culture (aka Kowai 2.0. Lots of monster theory and historical context)

9 PM, Panel A: Real Ninjas

10:15 PM, Panel 208: Anime and Japan's Sacred Culture (aka Religion in Japan 2.0)

I should also be at Con Horror Stories, depending on how my voice feels after the religion panel.

10 AM, Panel 306: Joseph Campbell Sends Out Mew- Pokemon as Mythological Narrative

12: 45 PM, Panel 206: We Con, Therefore We Are (sadly without Zhao Chen this time. He will be there in spirit)

As usual, look for the 9th Doctor. This will be my LAST TIME cosplaying him. EVER. I'm serious, this is it.

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  1. "This will be my LAST TIME cosplaying him. EVER. I'm serious, this is it."

    I don't believe. I've never seen you wear anything else. And no, bedclothes DO NOT COUNT.