25 July 2012

Otakon Schedule

Wow, I’m getting this up really late this time. Normally I have my schedules posted a week in advance. I blame the panel editing.
Here’s where I’ll be during Otakon.
10AM-11AM, Panel 5: The Aging Otaku: Anime Fandom and Getting Older. I’ll be sitting on the panel, alongside Doug Wilder and Elizabeth O’Malley.
11:30AM-12:30AM, Panel 2: Video Games as Literature: Towards a New Criticism. I saw most of this panel at CTCon, but had to duck out early. 
1:45PM-2:45PM, Panel 4: Spirits, Wheels and Borrowed Gods: Anime and Japan’s Sacred Culture. Latest revised edition of my religion in Japan panel. If you haven’t seen it since last year, check out what’s been added.
5:30-6:30, Panel 4: Yokai Nation. Also expanded since Anime Boston. Yokai theory and historical context. If all you’ve seen is “Kowai,” then this is the other half to it.
1AM-2AM, Panel 4: Sugoi: The Awesome Power of J-rock and J-pop. I love a good music panel.
9AM-10AM, Panel 5: Fandom and Criticism: The Art of Active Viewing. If I’m awake/coherent/not a zombie. But I try not to miss Evan Minto’s explorations into getting more out of your viewing experience.
1:45PM-2:45PM, Panel 4: Sexism in Anime. Pressing issues aside, I also want to see how the panelists approach and critique the phenomenon.
7PM-8PM, Panel 3: Beyond Castles, Forests and Bath Houses: Politics and Philosophy in the Films of Studio Ghibli. After seeing the capacity of that room, i’m suddenly very intimidated.
9PM-11PM, Panel 5: Dead Like Us. Since I have 2 hours to work with, there’s going to be a lot more exploration of the topic. And I have a co-host for this one as well, so expect banter and sharing of ideas. 
Always remember, you can stop and say hi if you see me in the halls. However, I will not be cosplaying The Doctor this year. Rather, I have a bunch of Tee Fury shirts that need breaking in. 


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    1. Looking forward to the expanded content. See you there.

  2. No Nine? You are dead to me sir.

  3. Hullo, I was at some of your panels (ghibli and the dead panel). I really should have been taking notes on the death one especially, and was wondering if you had an outline for it so I could research more later.

  4. Aside from checking the bibliography, you can email me and I'll do my best.

  5. Sometime Anime makes us bored depends on the stories behind it. And also depends on the character how the cartoonist draws it.