29 May 2013

50 years of anime openings: anime boston edition

Below is the playlist from "50 Years: AB Edition." The room went to capacity fairly quickly, but as far along as 80 minutes, people were still replacing those who wandered out. At 120 minutes, it was one of the longer incarnations of the panel, but one that went rather well. I was actually very pleased with the final rundown. I was also rather pleased by the reactions many of the videos received, Attack on Titan especially. There was a lot of love for that series this weekend, and about half the audience cheered when the OP started playing. I'm still hoping to get a few more converts to Psycho Pass, as well, after swapping to the (superior) second OP. 

I want to than Lou for giving me the chance to present this panel this year. It was also scheduled at exactly the right time to help me recover from two straight lectures, rehydrate and unwind. 

Astro Boy 
Tetsujin 28 Go!
Wolf Boy Ken
Marine Boy US
Cyborg 009
Speed Racer US
Mazinger Z
Cutey Honey
Space Battleship Yamato
Lupin III, Series 2 2nd OP
Urusei Yatsura OP1 “Lum no Love”
Aura Battler Dunbine
City Hunter OP1
Gundam ZZ OP1 “Anime ja nai”
Dragonball Z OP1 “Cha La Head Cha La”
Sailor Moon OP1
X-Men Japanese
Gundam Wing “Just Communication”
Revolutionary Girl Utena
Outlaw Star “Through the Night”
Pokemon US
Gundam Seed OP1 “Invoke”
Sengoku Basara
A Certain Magical Index OP1
Hanasaku Iroha OP2 “Omakage Warp”
Shin Mazinger Shougeki Z-hen OP1 “Kanjite Knight”
Space Battleship Yamato 2199
Psycho Pass OP2
Attack on Titan 

Paranoia Agent
Higurashi When They Cry
ef Tale of Melodies
Bunny Drop “Sweet Drops”

Character Narrative:
Azumanga Daioh “Soramimi Cake”
Bakemonogatari OP4 “Renai Circulation”

Music and Style:
Cowboy Bebop “Tank!”
Samurai Champloo
BECK Mongolian Chop Squad “Hit in the USA”
Detroit Metal City “Satsugai”

Evangelion “Thesis of a Cruel Angel”
Eden of the East “Falling Down”
Death Note OP1 “The World”
Mononoke Bakeneko

Berserk “Tell Me Why”
Excel Saga “Ai (Chuuseishin)”
Don Dracula
Tsukuyomi Moon Phase

Fan Crafted:
Fist of the North Star Live Action
Evangelion Bebop
Pony Champloo

Vision of Escaflowne
Persona 4 the Animation “Key Plus Words”
Dragonball Z “Rock the Dragon”
Game of Thrones 1995 “I Want it All”
Urusei Yatsura OP5 “Rock the Planet”
Rurouni Kenshin US “Freckles”
Cosby Bebop
Inspector Gadget
Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita
Angel Beats

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