02 May 2013

study of anime digest 2

Okay here's the deal: I'm about to embark on "Summer Con Season." First stop is Charlotte, NC, for KiraKiraCon, followed by a near unbroken stream of weekends either at cons, or prepping for cons, until after Portcon in June. That's a lot of cons, way more than previous years. Which means I will inevitably be backlogged for some time.

In the interim, while I do my best not to go (more) insane, I present to you some of the collected reviews I've been writing recently. All of these have appeared on Real Otaku Gamer within the past month or so, where I have been doing all my non-ruminatory writing for the past three years. So, if you want to see what I've been up to during the ID project, or just want to read my impressions of various movies/games, click away! Otherwise, I will hopefully see you on the con circuit this summer.

Games You Slept On: Devil Survivor: I took some time to write down a few rambling thoughts on the game that brought me into the SMT franchise back in '09. I'm replaying it in anticipation of a panel I'm co-hosting at AB in three weeks.

Old School Otaku: Great Teacher Onizuka: Recalling the fond memories of one of my favorite manga antiheroes. This needs a re-release, pronto. Preferably in omnibus format.

Evil Dead, a Passive Aggressive Review: I loved the Evil Dead remake. A lot. These are the reasons why.

Spring 2013 Impressions: Part one of a likely three. This is the best anime season I've watched in years. These are my top two picks, and why I love them (albeit, in abridged form).

Real Otaku Impressions: Sasami-san@ganbaranai: And while I'm at it, these were my impressions of the one show I watched during the Winter season. Sasami is so wicked close to being added to my "waifu" list...

From Up on Poppy Hill: I saw the NY premiere. I loved this film, just saying.

And finally, my views after attending Zenkaikon this past March. Seriously, all East Coast congoers need to attend this con at least once.

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