05 February 2010

Friday OP-ED

Well, the tangent bug has struck me again. Somewhat dissatisfied with my recent postings, I feel the need to revamp some things on the site. In addition, Katsucon is coming up, and I think it's finally time to drop my notes from the Mythology panels on here, so anyone coming from the con can easily access them.

That said, for today I have a special treat. Back at AUSA, I met a guy cosplaying Rorschach when he dropped by my table. We got to talking, shared some ideas, he gave me a great story, and I decided to ask him to write a short opinion piece for the site. Needless to say, he gave me a good one. So I will be posting it right after this update.

In other news, my research tabulations are drawing to a close, I have a few more things to do, but aside from that, I feel I finally have enough to mount a good analysis of con culture. I would again like to thank everybody who filled out a survey, came to a panel, shared a story, or just chilled in the hall with me. Special thanks go out to Abby for helping me get all these results, without her I would never have gotten the 100 from Otakon, the 65 from Nekocon or the 170 from AUSA. Special thanks also go out to Nagi for her continued support and for giving me the idea in the first place. Special thanks as well to David Lu Esq, for giving me the legal advice and release forms.

And last, but not least, special thanks go to Aleks. She knows why. I love you, Pantsu.

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