15 February 2010

Katsucon first impressions

I am diligently at work right now, crafting a full review of the con experience. Unlike previous con reviews, where I throw out a few things here and there about what got done, this time I actually plan to give Katsucon the justice it deserves. Needless to say, it was an experience worth repeating.

But a short list of the good and bad is easily done for time (and posterity) sake.

The Good:
-Location: The Gaylord was a wonderful choice, as it had more than enough space for the crowds, but also enough to find a nice quiet place to sleep or chat with friends.
-Programming: Rarely have I been to cons that have panels until 3 AM. Never did I ever expect to be giving one that late. But the diversity in the live programming was second to none, and I was glad to be a part of it.
-Attendance: The largest con I've ever been to where I enjoyed myself. Some cons seem to thrive on size, but Katsucon manages to be big without being crowded. A definite plus.

The Bad:
-Cost: Not the con's fault per se, but everything in and around the Gaylord was high priced, even by New York standards. I'm glad I brought provisions of my own with me.
-Selection: The Dealer's Room seemed a bit small for a con so big. So did the Artist Alley. Maybe it was just the size of the halls playing tricks on my eyes, but Anime Boston manages so much more with less space.
-Confusion: It was a little hard to figure out where things were located, especially when you're Press looking for Ops. I got lost quite a bit.

The Weird:
-The Baptist Marriage convention: I often tell the story of Devilman at the Christian Convention. Well, I had my own little encounter with some very religious people on an elevator who seemed to have little tolerance for others.
-The Incredible Jesus: conducting a symphony of water and light in the fountain down at the faux village.
-The glomp heard round the universe: when the Doctor got tackled in the Dealer's Room by a fan who was a little too happy to see him.

Full reflections forthcoming. Just need to choose the right words.

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