17 June 2010

Anime Next Panel Schedule

For all those attending Anime Next this weekend, here is the schedule for panels I am running. I also plan to attend quite a few over the course of the weekend, including the Fandom panel, War Stories panel and a few others. And, as always, I will be traipsing around in my 9th Doctor outfit, so hopefully the leather jacket won't be the death of me.

Weekend Nihonjin: Friday, 2-3PM, Workshop 1
Magical Worlds of Miyazaki: Friday, 5-6:00 PM, Panel 3
Dead Like Us: Friday, 7-8 pm, Panel 2
Religion in NGE: Saturday, 12-1:00 PM, Panel 3
Modern Mythology: Saturday, 5:30-7PM, Panel 3

Feel free to drop by and say hello. I will have Pocky. And lots of it.

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