21 June 2010

updates after two long weekends

I am aware of my absence these past two weeks, but I have a good excuse: Anime Mid Atlantic and Anime Next provided me some of the best convention experiences I've had all year. My body is utterly wrecked, I'm completely exhausted, but otherwise exhilarated and looking forward to the rest of my summer. Which brings me to a short series of updates.

First off, con reports are forthcoming. I will do one for AMA and one for ANX, and they should be up by Friday at the latest. I need time to gather my thoughts and review all my experiences.

Second, I will be at Otakon. I just received word that at least one of my panels, Castles Forests and Bath Houses, was accepted for this year. I am, needless to say, excited. Partly because the acceptance of this panel comes as a bit of a shock seeing as how it's a: Miyazaki, so other people undoubtedly submitted similar panel topics and b: when I applied, I openly said the panel had never been given before, because at the time it hadn't. The fact they essentially took a chance on what was then an untested panel seems oddly satisfying.

Third: I can happily say that follow-up research is essentially proving every observation I made in my ethnographic work. This means that now, as the thesis and book move forward, my ruminations are being supported by my subjects, so I'm not reading into what might not be there. Or maybe we all are, up for grabs with that one.

As for right now, I'm taking a well deserved rest. No cons until July, three weeks of recovery and tabulation in front of me. Life is good.

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