10 August 2010

otakon in tweets, part 2

I know I said today would just be the Friday tweets, but I decided to include some of Saturday as well. A lot went down on Saturday, mostly on account of the fire alarm, which I mention here. If anyone knows the entire story regarding who set it off, please let me know.


-Today is perfect 9th Doctor Weather. No humidity, not too warm. Here I come, #otakon 9:57 AM Jul 30th

This trend continued for the entire weekend. Unlike Otakon 2009, which was ungodly hot and sticky, this year it was actually comfortable to wear a jacket and wander around the inner harbor.

-Wow, just saw the reg line...scary. #otakon 10:03 AM Jul 30th

-@gmsenpai Three hour wait from what im told 11:48 AM Jul 30th

Thursday pre-reg took me all of 5 minutes, there was no line, no waiting at all, I just walked up to the booth, grabbed my badge, and that was the end of it. The next day was not the same story- I heard that pre-reg had a half hour wait at least, and at-the-door reg was backed up three hours. One friend who waited in it gave a far less intimidating answer of 1 hour, but that is still a long time to stand in line.

-Waiting for the artist alley to open up. Seems more crowded this year. #otakon 11:46 AM Jul 30th

First appearances at the reg line area did make the con seem crowded, and there were over 2000 more attendees this year than last, but in the end the flow was so smooth I barely noticed it.

I spent the rest of my weekend in the Artist Alley, never making it to the Dealer’s Room at all.

-Apparently they ran out of Roy Mustang badges at registration. Its been crossed off the list. #otakon 12:04 PM Jul 30th

This was at 11 AM no less. Admittedly, it was a very cool badge, and I'm not surprised it sold out so fast. Yet another lesson on why pre-registration can be important.

-@narutakiRT They changed it? Damn, I wanted to go. 12:06 PM Jul 30th

This was in reply to them changing to time for Ed Sizemore’s “Anime Journalism” panel. I wanted to drop by, but it was changed to noon, and I missed it.

-Dead Like Us was full up, about a dozen turned away. Modern Myth at 9 30. #otakon 5:45 PM Jul 30th

The weekend trend. I’m used to the panels filling up, but this time the room capacity might have been the largest I’ve ever been in...and it still filled up. I know a lot of people enjoy discussions on religion, the sacred and anime, but it never ceases to amaze me how devoted some people can be.

-57 surveys done so far. I hope they're gone by the end of Modern Myth. #otakon 5:47 PM Jul 30th

They were.

-Dinner at Tir Nan Og, then back to the Artist Alley. #otakon 6:16 PM Jul 30th

One thing I love about Otakon- the location. Baltimore's Inner Harbor is a lovely area to just wander around in, and there are ample choices for good food. We hit up the Irish pub on Friday night, and it was worth every dollar.

And like I said, I spent the rest of the con at the Artist Alley.

-Been at #otakon a full day with no obnoxious yelling or "buttscratching" to be found. 6:57 PM Jul 30th

They banned annoying shouting and internet memes from the con. One of my biggest critiques of last year’s Otakon was the incessant shouting of “Buttscratcha” all day. For those not in the know, that meme refers to a line from an episode of the TV show “Family Guy,” “No Chris Left Behind,” where Peter gets a job selling buttscratchers at the baseball game. Every 15-20 seconds last year that was shouted. Thankfully, the con cracked down on it this year, along with other disruptive behaviour, vuvuzelas, and other assorted annoyances.

-Modern Myth packed, a wonderful time. Got it all into an hour. #otakon 9:43 PM Jul 30th

-edsizemore @Studyofanime My only critique of your panels is there is too much info. You cram three panels into 1. Can't wait 'til you publish 1st book

I was honestly shocked that I fit the entire panel into a single hour. Normally it's in 90 minute-two hour slots, and I cover a lot of information over that time frame. I didn't cut corners with this con, everything was covered, just some of it more swiftly than others. But when I saw I had 5 minutes left and I still had time for the philosophy section, I ran with it.

-93/110 survey return. Not bad at all, thanks #otakon. 10:45 PM Jul 30th

I actually ran off an additional 30 surveys for Sunday’s Miyazaki panel. A very good return, all things considered, and it gave me the 300 I was aiming for for the second phase of the field research.

-First day was wicked productive. I hope tomorrow is too. Dr Who shoot at 1 and 5. #otakon 10:45 PM Jul 30th


The Fire Alarm:
Right after the first Doctor Who shoot, as my fellow Doctors and I were preparing to venture into the Dealer’s Room, someone set off the fire alarm. After a few moments of wondering if it was indeed a joke, we were all told to evacuate the BCC. Over the next half hour, a mass of people in costume flooded into the Inner Harbor area, shouting memes and joking about what was going on. I have no idea what caused the fire alarm, only speculations, but the issue was resolved quickly and the con was back up and running in less than 2 hours.

-Fire alarm. Second con that's happened at this year for me. #otakon 12:57 PM Jul 31st

-@edsizemore No, so no repeats of AMA. But that would have been funny. 1:05 PM Jul 31st

This refers to the fire alarm that went off also at Anime Mid-Atlantic back in June. A grease fire evacuated the hotel and disrupted Modern Mythology. That alarm lasted a far shorter time, and the panel finished on schedule without a hitch.

-Id hate to be the people evacuating the BCC right now. Its crazy outside. #otakon 1:05 PM Jul 31st

-Everyone across the street. This is gonna be like Moses leading the masses. #otakon 1:17 PM Jul 31st

-@animealmanac There are some wild rumors on the street right now. 1:17 PM Jul 31st

-Oh no...outside the BCC: choruses of "Buttscratcha" and all the other banned stuff. #otakon 1:19 PM Jul 31st

-At least one good thing about the evac: its not miserable out like last year. #otakon 1:22 PM Jul 31st

-People have begun blaming the fire nation, Roy Mustang, con funk and Rastafaris. #otakon 1:30 PM Jul 31st

This is the tweet that would eventually be listed as a “Top Tweet” on the Otakon Feed.

-Rumor has it that Vic Mignogna pulled the fire alarm so that everyone would go to his panel in the other building. :-P 1:29 PM Jul 31st

Alex Leavitt: The #otakon opening animation next year better have Mustang from FMA attacking the BCC. 1:39 PM Jul 31st

-20 Doctors at the 5 PM shoot. Great turnout this year, only missing 1. #otakon 4:30 PM Jul 31st

Next up: Fanthropology and the end of the con.

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  1. the fire alarm was some test by the new owners of otacon. thay wanted to see what every one would do if thay pooled the alarm, well thats what the vendors were saying. and the panal was grate, i wish you had more time because one of my fav things about the Modern Myth panal was when people whould yell at games or animes that fit into what you were saying