18 April 2011

anime boston panel schedule

It's that time again: Anime Boston rolls back into the Hynes this weekend for yet another Easter extravaganza (can't believe I just wrote that...). This year, I plan to kill myself with panels, showing that I indeed have NOT learned anything from AUSA last year. Fortunately, I'm doing mostly co-hostings this time, so the burden shouldn't be too bad.

If I don't list a time/room, it means I'm just attending the panel. God knows I couldn't give this many in one weekend.

1PM, Hynes 306: Fanthropologies. I'm doing this one with Alex Leavitt and Jennifer Fuu (my cohost from the Fanthropology takeover last Otakon). It's labeled as a discussion of participation in anime fandom, but is also a freeform panel, so who knows what will come out of this one.

3PM, Hynes Panel A: Castles, Forests and Bath Houses. This panel got a facelift since last year, but still the same Miyazaki retrospective, just with less text and more visuals.

Tengen Toppa Evangelion: Im not giving it, but a friend (and cohost) is- a look at idea exchange and interaction between NGE and Gurren Lagann.

Anime 101: Daryl Surat's introduction to anime and anime fandom for new participants. He's been giving me a LOT of good blurbs for the thesis and Con Project, so I definitely need to check this out.

5PM, Hynes 206: Chu Chu Died For Your Sins. A look at the influence of Nietszche and Gnosticism in the Xeno games. I'm doing this with Jed Blue, the guy behind "Reading into Gurren Lagann" and "Tengen Toppa Evangelion."

Anime Cons: The Big Picture: Been meaning to see this since last year. Hosted by Pat Delahanty of animecons.com, I actually cite some of this in my thesis.

8PM, Hynes 107: Dead Like Us. Like CF&BH, this one received a major facelift courtesy of Aleks. A lot less text walls, some new shinigami and (hopefully) more concise explanations of the culture side of Japanese death gods.

9PM, Hynes 107: Con Horror Stories. As with Katsucon and AUSA, I'm crashing Eric Stehmer's show here with tales of cons gone horribly wrong.

10AM: Hynes 302: Vision of Kurosawa. Not hosting, but contributing to the discussion of the films and stylings of Akira Kurosawa.

12PM, Hynes 202: Spirits, Wheels and Borrowed Gods. Anime Boston debut. I've taken some of the feedback from Conbust and revised the panel a bit, to make it more streamlined and to allow for more discussion of the experience of religion in Japan.

1PM, Hynes 107: An International Game of Telephone. Hosted by my longtime friend (and original con buddy) Abby Leib, this is a look into cross-cultural trade between the US and Japan, set up as a "game of telephone." I've given this with her twice before (at Nekocon and the Flushing Library), and it too has been revised with some new stuff and better slides.

As usual, look for the 9th Doctor. I guarantee I'll be on costume all three days.


  1. no Doraemon lecture or importance of Daffy Duck on the world of anime

  2. Hi ^^ I hope this doesnt seem creepy or anything but I just wanted to let you know that I was the girl that went to Con horror stories and talked to you after. I was the person that told you my dad told me about you and I glomped you twice.

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