10 February 2012

Katsucon Panel Schedule

I distinctly recall saying last year that I would likely find myself back at Katsucon despite previously feeling that 2011 would be my last trip there. Well, time moves on, and I will be back at Katsucon next weekend. But by now I've gotten used to eating my words.

3:30 PM, Live 2- A Minute of Your Time: Anime Openings- Style and Symbolism (w/ Zhao Chen)

7:00 PM, Chibi Katsu- Chocobos Ate My Baby: The Evolution of Final Fantasy

8:00 PM, Live 3- Fanthropology: Behind the Study of Fandom

11:00 AM, Live 3- Joseph Campbell Sends Out Mew: Pokemon as Mythic Narrative

2:30 PM, Live 1- We Con, Therefore We Are: A Critical Look at the Modern Congoer (w/ Zhao Chen)

9:00 PM, Chibi Katsu- Kowai: Yurei, Yokai and Scary Japan

8:00 AM, Live 4- Spirits, Wheels and Borrowed Gods

10:00 AM, Live 3- Politics and Philosophy in the Works of Studio Ghibli

As usual look for the 9th Doctor. This will be the penultimate time I will be cosplaying him. Above links will take you to the Katsucon Programming Schedule, which includes descriptions of the panels.

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