23 April 2014

Zenkaikon 2014: Horror Clips and Anime OPS

Now that the con is over, I can utilize the practice of transformation to reorder this old post into something (moderately) new.

I had a great time as Zenkaikon, as usual. Four years in and it still manages to throw me some curves, but this year those amounted to weird sensations of time passing, spending my late nights in the hotel vs the con floor, and giving 2 panels during my "Panel Rewind" as opposed to just one. Well, it's another year in any case.

"Are You Scared" horror movie list: for those who braved the dark, the bloody, and the (rather) early 8 PM start time for my sole 18+ panel of the con- I salute you. Especially if you stuck around for the full 90 minutes. As a reward, here's what movies I showed clips from, though not necessarily in the order I showed them:

Cabin in the Woods
The Conjuring
Grave Encounters
The Descent
The Mask of Satan (Black Sunday)
High Tension
A L'Interieur (Inside)
Cupcakes HD (wherein I challenged Ponyville Derby)
Shaun of the Dead
Tucker & Dale vs Evil
Troll Hunter
Dead Snow
Violent Shit
Troll 2
Return of the Living Dead
An American Werewolf in London
The Thing
Tetsuo the Iron Man
Smile HD ("palette cleanser" number 2)
Pan's Labyrinth
Pacific Rim
Saw 0.5

And for those who were at Panel Rewind Sunday afternoon, I spent a full 40 minutes showcasing elements and concepts in anime OPs. Here is the list of presented openings for that showcase.

Paranoia Agent
Bunny Drop
Psycho Pass OP2

Character Focus:
Azumanga Daioh
Great Teacher Onizuka
Kill la Kill OP2

Music and Style:
Cowboy Bebop
Samurai Champloo
BECK Mongolian Chop Squad
Detroit Metal City

Don Dracula
Excel Saga
(never made it to Ping Pong Club, which is a shame)

And thanks to Jeremy for dancing along to Sengoku Basara once more!

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