08 February 2010

Now launching Survey 2

Starting at Katsucon, and continuing through the rest of the year, I am implementing the second part of my research. Those who took part in the first phase filled out surveys relating to discovery, expenditures and socialization while attending conventions, and the activities they took part in while there. That survey was designed and executed for use in the MA thesis, and the information provided me with a solid foundation on why people attend cons, what they get out of them, what matters when selecting new cons and how much the con impacts their everyday lives.

The second part of my research deals with some of the things that are well known to con attendees, but would not have "passed muster" with the IRB at my university. Rather than fight to get them into the first questionnaire (and thus extend its length by a few pages), I have taken what I learned from the first survey and used it to create a second, tied to the further extension of the project. Issues of personal hygiene, elitism and sexual encounters, along with a further exploration of the spending habits of fans while at cons, will all be explored in yet another anonymous survey.

Thankfully, this one is much shorter, and much faster, as it relies more on data than short answers, and "gets to the point" faster, instead of "beating around the bush." I also need far fewer responses this time around.

and the beat goes on...

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