02 April 2010

On Location: Anime Boston

I would like to ask your opinions on something that has been a concern of late: if everything goes wrong ON THE WAY to the convention, but you still have a good time on the road, does that bode well for the rest of the weekend? I ask this because I just arrived at the hotel I’m staying at for Anime Boston, and am wondering if the past 6 hours or so will translate to a better experience this con?
“Wait, 6 hours? How can that be right? Boston is most certainly closer to NY than DC, and yet he made it to Katsucon in 4 hours, with time to spare. How can this be?”
Allow me to explain the method behind this madness to you. See, a few weeks back I had this brilliant idea. Rather than wake up at 5 AM on Friday, drive to Ozone Park and then to Brooklyn BEFORE heading north, I decided to drive up Thursday night. This way I had time to relax, rest, recuperate, maybe get something to eat. it would make the entire experience easier on me for sure, since I’m the only driver. Add to this the fact I’m going up after rush hour on a Thursday night, I figured I could do 70 on I-95 and make it to Boston by 11 latest. And yet, why am I sitting in my hotel room at almost 1:30?
Apparently, a lot of people had the same idea I did. When we ran smack dab into the wall of cars on I 678, all of them waiting in a 3 mile long line for I 84, I decided to make a rush decision. Since the car’s weren’t moving, and I knew where Boston generally was, I decided to say “Sayonara” (and you KNOW this wasn’t the word I used, but this is a family friendly website, so sod off) to the line and drive east down route 20 and do some fancy connecting to reach Boston. 
I have no idea if this was a good idea. I honestly stopped caring about an hour into the “scenic” route. We could see stars, trees, small animals and a whole lot of darkness, and in the end I had a better time taking the long way around. That and the fact that I absolutely detest sitting in my car not moving. I wish i could have left a marker on I 84, but such thing’s do not exist.
So this begs me to ask- I was diverted, took the long way, in almost total darkness down a backroad, but I enjoyed my time. Is this an eerie portent of what the weekend has to offer?
No idea, and I’m not a betting man so I think I’ll leave it alone here.

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