03 June 2014

anime next 2014: schedules and some reading material in the meantime

This weekend is Anime NEXT over in Somerset. Both Kit and myself are scheduled to do about 4 panels apiece, not counting anything else we might choose to crash.

Spirits, Wheels and Borrowed Gods, 1:45 Bridgewater 1 (Charles)
Troubles with Trnaslations, 3:15 Panel 2 (Kit)
We Con, Therefore We Are, 4:15, Bridgewater 1 (both…and whoever else we can bring up)

Gentle Strength: Utena/Madoka, 10 Panel 3 (Kit)
Real Ninjas, 2:30 Panel 1 (Charles)
Kill la Kill and the Transformation of Japan, 7 Bridgewater 1 (both)
The Heart of When They Cry, 9:45, Bridgewater 1 (Kit)

In lieu of any new rumination this week, why not take a look at some of the stuff we've been writing for other sites.

http://www.themarysue.com/yaoi-slash-mens-love-difference/ - from the Mary Sue, from May 9th

http://otakujournalist.com/speaking-up-how-and-why-to-present-panels-at-conventions/ - Otaku Journalist, May 26

http://www.mangatherapy.com/post/87415597288/escaflowne-vision-of-hitomi - Manga Therapy, May 31st


Media Commons: A Network of Networks My contribution to last month's Media Commons survey question

Media Commons: Precious Binary Spaces Kit's contribution to Media Commons

My Review of the Battle Royale Slam Book on AniGamers

A specific scene about the anime piracy discussion

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