01 October 2014

anime usa 2014

This weekend, all of StudyofAnime will be at Anime USA in Washington DC. And we have a fairly busy weekend ahead. 


8PM- 50 Years of Anime Openings


3-4 PM: AUSA Launch Party (Charles)
4-5 PM: Big Bads- A Look at the Mythical Adversary (Charles)
8-9 PM: Kill la Kill (Charles & Kit)
12:30 AM: A Light in the Darkness (Kit)


4-5 PM: The Heart of When They Cry (Kit)
6-7 PM: Zombies and Identity (Charles)
7-8 PM: Three Faces of Shinto (Charles, Kit, & Zack Davisson)
9-10 PM: Grimdark Theory in My Little Pony Fanworks (Charles)
11 PM +: Hyakumonogatari session (Charles & Kit, and Zack, if we can force him to go.)


10-11 AM: Panel Rewind (Charles)
4-5 PM: Closing Ceremonies

I will also have a table in the Artist Alley alongside AJ Martinsson, selling prints, chapbooks for Kill la Kill and Ghost Stories, doing tarot card readings, and generally being myself. There will be a finite number of the chapbooks, so get them early if you can. 

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